Supreme 智能電動升降床 - 電動升降護理床 | HOHOLIFE好好生活

Supreme Deluxe Home Style Electric Reclining Mattress

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Supreme smart electric lift bed has a novel design and integrates multiple functions. In addition to the basic back and leg lifting, the entire bed can also be raised and lowered horizontally. Modern wireless control, you can also lie flat with one click, and it has preset Zero Gravity, snoring-reducing sleeping positions and memory functions to help you fall asleep quickly.

In addition, the star-rated head and leg vibration massage function can help you relax your body and mind, relieve muscle stress, and improve your sleep quality. Specially added USB charging ports on the left and right sides, you deserve it for leisure, entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment!

It is specially equipped with left and right pull-out bed guard rails, which can be used when needed for added peace of mind. Three-in-one height-adjustable bed foot, adjustable to three levels of bed height, suitable for different heights.

In addition, the outside of the bed frame is fully covered with comfortable flannel. The appearance is fashionable, noble and generous, and is suitable for tasteful home environments.

Supreme 智能電動升降床 - 電動升降護理床 | HOHOLIFE好好生活

Product Specifications

  • Size: Twin XL (38"*80")
  • The head can be raised to 58 degrees, the feet can be raised to 38 degrees, and the entire bed can be raised and lowered from 470mm to 770mm.
  • Three-section adjustable bed foot 9cm x 3
  • Weight: 100kg
  • The bracket, motor and remote control are guaranteed for 2 years
  • Product does not include mattress
2尺半電動床褥,電動升降護理床墊 - 香港尺寸2尺半/3尺/4尺不用棄舊床| 雙人電動床 | HOHOLIFE好好生活