Classic Canes Dark Blue Floral Elite Folding Derby - HOHOLIFE

Classic Canes Fashionable Foldable Crutches – Dark Blue Flower

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  • Lightweight aluminum material, foldable in four quarters, equipped with anti-slip rubber pads at the bottom, safe and easy to store
  • The joint is specially designed so that the cane can be extended or folded by simply releasing or retracting it without any effort on the wrist, making it convenient and practical.
  • Adjustable height: 82 - 92 cm
  • Foot pad diameter 19mm
  • Weight 315g

British Classic Canes Brand Story

In the late 1970s, Ben and Diana Porter bought Warren House, a romantic but abandoned home deep in Somerset woodland. Rundown property. Falling in love with the place, they gradually rebuilt the house and discovered that the surrounding woodland was suitable for growing cane stock. In 1982, a small selection of sticks was offered to local shopkeepers, who soon requested a larger selection. The family-owned company has grown steadily, with an ever-expanding product range, an increasing number of employees and an ever-increasing range of customers. Today, Classic Canes supplies more than 600 products to retail stores in more than 40 countries.