Body Spider 多功能運動儀器 | 樂齡科技,院舍適用 | HOHOLIFE好好生活
Body Spider 多功能運動儀器 | 樂齡科技,院舍適用 | HOHOLIFE好好生活

Body Spider Exercise Machine

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Body Spider multifunctional exercise equipment can help users improve the endurance of upper and lower limbs and trunk muscles.

Body Spider 多功能運動儀器 | 樂齡科技,院舍適用 | HOHOLIFE好好生活

Product Description

① The remote control controls opening and folding, and there are wheels at the bottom for easy movement.

② It can be opened, closed and moved by one person, making it convenient for the elderly who do not go out to exercise muscles.

③ Up to 18 people can use it at the same time, so they can enjoy exercising while communicating with others.

④ There are 72 hooks, and one piece of equipment can exercise the muscle strength of the upper limbs, lower limbs, and trunk and strengthen the coordination of the muscles in each part. Effective in preventing falls and independent walking exercises.

⑤ The elastic band is made of 40 layers of thick rubber and will not be cut easily. It can be used by just one person with peace of mind, reducing the burden on the instructor.

⑥ You can use it safely even if you are in a wheelchair.

Product Specifications

Height: 177cm

Diameter when stored: 87cm

Diameter when opened: 300cm

Weight: about 150kg

Maximum number of users: 18 people

Maintenance: Two years of structure