HOHOLIFE x Dragonair: Panda Magnifier Pendant - Buy One Give One Campaign

熊貓放大鏡頸鍊 - 我哋 HOHOLIFE 第一件自家設計及生產嘅產品,既實用又可愛,送禮自用皆宜。2016/1/1 至 2016/3/31 正式在港龍航空航班上獨家發售,每售出一件,好好生活會捐出一個放大鏡予聖雅各福群會有需要的長者。

Panda magnifier pendant - Our first own design product, exclusively available for sale for all Dragonair passengers on board between 1/1/2016 - 31/3/2016.  For every item sold, HOHOLIFE will donate a piece of magnifier to elderly in need via St. James' Settlement.