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Asahi Medical Walk MS-C - HOHOLIFE

Asahi Medical Walk MS-C

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Support for healthy way of walking to protect knee joints

The fin in the screw section is deformed by the body weight when the heel touches the ground, and helps to rotate the toes slightly outward with the step. With this support for the rotation movement of knee, it promotes the correct way of walking.

Structure that evenly absorbs shock to the knee

The shock of landing is transmitted to the knee as a burden through the heel. The SHM® feature alleviates that shock with the elasticity of its rubber. Moreover, the screw structure distributes the pressure exerted by the body weight efficiently to lessen the load.

Acting on the inner thigh muscle supporting the knee

The inner thigh muscle provides support and protection for the knee when people walk (medial great muscle). SHM® promoting the Screw Home Movement acts on the inner thigh muscle efficiently to achieve the correct way of walking.

[Patent] Patent No. 3992724 | Patent No. 10-0918230 in Korea | Patent No. ZL200680010617.5 in China | Patent No. HK1113065 in Hong Kong

*Impression and progression from use are subject to individual differences.
*ASAHI Medical Walk is not a medical equipment.
*Quoted from "Function Anatomy Photography, Lower Limbs" by Ando, Eiji
*The screw structure in the heel provides support for activities of lower limbs by its deformation due to rubber elasticity at the time of landing. The screw itself does not rotate.

Born from joint development of "Industry, Academy, and Medicine"!

People with knee troubles are increasing as more people become engaged in fitness walking. The ASAHI Corporation (industry), in collaboration with Kyushu University (academy) and medical facilities (medicine), developed the SHM® feature, which promotes the correct way of walking and prevents knee troubles. Friendly to the human body, the shoes offering this feature provide support for the knee with its genuine function and work to prevent troubles such as gonarthrosis.

*There are about 40 million fitness walkers according to the cabinet office survey. There is a number of symptoms with knee troubles different by individuals. One study shows that there are 10 million people with knee osteoarthritis, and when including the people at the risk, it reaches 30 million. (as reported by the Department of Joint Disease Research, 22nd Century Medical and Research Center, Tokyo Hospital University).


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