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3R Smolia TZC Magnifier - HOHOLIFE

3R Smolia TZC Magnifier

$428 $468

SMOLIA-TZC is a rechargeable and magnification adjustable model where with just one touch you can control the LED with perfect magnification function. This makes SMOLIA-TZC the revolutionary lens you are looking for!


Rechargeable battery & perfect focus!

  • Safe!
There is no risk of battery ingestion by children.
  • Simple and convenient!
No need for battery replacement anymore.
You also do not need to hold it like other lens, just put it over any surface or document to closely exam or read.

One touch controlled LED light!

There is a master switch inside the body with 3 functions[Touch/Off/On].
  • Setting to [(Touch)]:You can turn on/off LED the light only by touching the silver circle.
  • Setting to [ON]: The LED will always be lighted.
  • Setting to [OFF]: When you no longer need to use the LED.


    Changing Magnification

    • The zoom can be changed by rotating the silver circle.
    This function allows you to examine or read what you want using the magnification you need. 
    • [TOU] mode works even when you are changing the magnification.


    • Convenient bag
    • Magnifier
    • USB cable (1.8m)
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Warranty card



      Material Lens:K9 / Metal base:Aluminum
      Body Material Acrylic
      Battery Life Lithium polymer battery;About 3h
      Charging Time About 2h
      Input Micro USB / DC5V <2A
      Size Diameter 92mm, Height 50~71mm
      Lens Size Diameter 69mm
      Magnification About 3 times (with stand 5~7 times)
      Weight About 186g
      Light White LED*3
      Warranty 6 months

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