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Daiwa Easy Mug - HOHOLIFE

Daiwa Easy Mug

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For people who is lying on the bed, cannot move up their head, or people who cannot lift up their arms, it's not easy to drink fluid from a mug. This Easy mug designed by Japan Daiwa, the mug has designed as 2 layers. The inner layer is U shaped which makes all the fluid concentrate in the middle part of the mug, people can easily finish the drink with a straw. They do not need to move up their head, and lift their arms high to finish the drink. The mug comes with a lid and a straw. It also designed with a big handle, that helps people to grasp it tight. The mug is made with PP material which does not easily break. Besides, it's microwave, dishwasher safe, and can be sterilized by boiling. 


  •  Size: H 106 mm,W  78 mm
  •  Volume: 200 ml
  •  Weight: 83 g
  •  Material: Mug: PP (Heat-resistant temperature 120℃~-20℃), Lid: EVA(Heat-resistant temperature70℃~-20℃)


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