HOHOLIFE Launched Smart Product Series - Smart Bluetooth Retriever

Have you ever tried to forget to bring a wallet or a key after go out? Have you tried to go to restaurant with the umbrella left behind? Have you tried to go home and put down the wallet, all of a sudden forgotten into what place?

Retriever - Intelligent Bluetooth Retriever can help you:
The Retriever is only a key chain size that matches your smartphone and alerts you when you leave your home and forget to bring it. When you not find it, you can use the smart phone "a key to find" button to find its location. If you accidentally left the Retriever, the software will automatically record the location, you can use map in mobile map APP to locate it. APP support both Android and iOS.

Mobile phone and valuables pairing: to prevent valuables lost, stolen, or missing
Mobile phone and the elderly / children pairing: to prevent loss of loved ones