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Ossenberg Safebrella DUO - HOHOLIFE

Ossenberg Safebrella DUO


Safebrella - combining umbrella and walking stick

A light, stable and windproof umbrella! A light and strong walking stick! A safe supporting umbrella ! An elegant walking umbrella! 
All these features characterise the multi-functional "Safebrella". Not only do you own an umbrella with a canopy diameter of 115 cm , but also a safe and dependable walking stick with a wooden handle.

Being well prepared in rainy weather is an extra effort for most of us not only for those with walking disabilities. If you are dependent on a walking stick, a separate umbrella is very inconvenient. Even the smallest pocket umbrella can be very annoying.

The elegant solutation is a combination of walking stick and umbrella - the "Safebrella". Just press a button and instantly you get a stable walking cane while keeping a light and windproof umbrella.

The umbrella offers cover and the separate walking cane provides support. Once the rain has stopped the walking cane is pushed back into the umbrella shaft, locks in place and you are left with a normal umbrella that you can contiue to use as a walking stick.

The windproof frame is of top-quality with fibereglass-ribs and an easy to open/close springless semi-automatic. The canopy fabric is high-quality polyester with a "TEFLON ®"-coating against water and dirt.

The umbrella has an ergonomically-designed wooden handle. The stability of the umbrella is achieved by special aluminium tubes and a slip-proof ferrule made of rubber at the end of the umbrella and shaft.



  • variable length of the walking stick through detacheable aluminium-adapter:ca. 88 cm to 91 cm
  • canopy diameter 115 cm, 
  • umbrella shaft 14 mm diameter, 
  • walking stick 12 mm diameter.
  • Made in Germany 

    Ossenberg Brand Story

    Ossenberg GmbH is one of the leading German manufacturers of forearm crutches, walking sticks and orthopedic appliances.

    The company Ossenberg GmbH is a modern, success-oriented company with tradition. For over six decades they are one of the leading German manufacturers of forearm crutches, walking sticks, orthopedic equipment and rehabilitation products.

    Ossenberg aim to improve quality of life for people with handicap. They offer reliable, robust and innovative products of highest quality providing maximum mobility and independence.

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