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Newtton 5V Heating Pad for Left Shoulder - HOHOLIFE

Newtton 5V Heating Pad for Left Shoulder


Surround yourself in warmth while you help smooth away tension and help ease away pain. The Newton Heating Pad range helps provide therapeutic relaxing heat directly to the area of stress in body. To apply 60 to 120 minutes per day is suggested. 

NEWTTON heating pads feature:

1) 5V low voltage opera on and temperature protector inside pads which assures maximum safety during use.

2) Illuminated 3 heat settings controller, easily operated by pressing the button on the pad.

3) Rechargeable battery powered technology allowing unlimited mo on to the user.

4) Precise heat in the treatment area. Each model has been designed to be used in a specific region so the heat is applied where most effective.

5) Neoprene based fabric which is an excellent thermal insulator and highly effective in retaining heat. The elasticity of our fabric allows a perfect body fit with gentle compression evenly distributed throughout the joint or muscle area.

6) Inner fabric layer is made from far infrared fibrous material for improved blood circulation.

7) The heating pads can be powered from our accessories: rechargeable power bank, AC wall adaptor, car charger or computer USB.

8) All models have a so web pouch for the insertion herbal medicines


  • Size: 96 x 53 cm
  • Hand wash


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