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Lobi Qigong Shoot - HOHOLIFE

Lobi Qigong Shoot

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Features: Special materials and design, the use of safety does not hurt. Collection of folk remedies> qigong, knife blade, pressure points, massage and other engineering methods from research and development. Beat joints, acupuncture points by point, line, to take care of the body to the surface. Regular daily tapping and massaging acupuncture points, a great help to our health. It is the best gift of self-cultivation, gifts to friends and relatives.

Product Use: Good for every day life, one that can beat off a number of acupuncture points, the best tool to keep fit.

Instructions for use: DIY 14 strokes basic methods.> Tapping method 2> Knife therapy 3.> Acupuncture method.> 5 Acupressure.> Scraping therapy, easily beat regimen.


  • High-density breathable PU leather, ABS plastic, memory sponge. 
  • Dimensions: (L) 41cm (width) 9cm 5cm (thick)
  • Weight: 240g

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