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France Bed Reha Tech Bed RH-RE02F - HOHOLIFE

France Bed Reha Tech Bed RH-RE02F


The headboard and footboard have grips that are easy to grasp and not slippery. 

Minimum floor board height of 285mm for people to sit with peace of mind, and maximum floor board height of 625mm for easy assistance.

As there is no side frame in the center of the bed, you get up easily and the risk of falling is reduced. Bed rails can be installed on both sides of the bed to support independent walking.

Elevating, raising the back, and raising the leg can be adjusted individually, so that it fits naturally into the head, back, hips, and calf. 

Accessories such as mattresses and side rails are sold separately.

Technical specifications

  •  Size / Length210.6× Width 110.5 × Height (74.8-108.8cm), Bottom height (28.5-62.5cm)
  • Weight / 90kg
  • Withstandload/135kg
  • Color / Esprit walnut
  • Mattress / Length 195cm x Equivalent to 97cm in width
  • Functions / back raising, leg raising, height adjustment, back raising / leg raising interlock
  • Back raising angle / 0 to 74 °
  • Leg raising angle / 0 to 24 °
  • Note: Bedrail and mattress are not included (purchase separately)
  • Made in Japan


  • 3 years

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