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Classic Canes Coffee Brown Acrylic Derby - HOHOLIFE

Classic Canes Coffee Brown Acrylic Derby



A very stylish, contemporary derby cane. The derby handle, named after the Lord Derby who invented the shape, is extremely smooth and comfortable in the hand, offering excellent support. The coffee brown handle is acrylic, polished to a high shine, featuring an attractive marbling of colours. The brown aluminium shaft is height adjustable between 77-102cm (approximately 30-40") and is fitted with a non-slip rubber ferrule.

Classic Canes Brand Story

In the late 1970s, Ben and Diana Porter bought Warren House, a romantic but ruined property set deep in a Somerset woodland. They fell in love with the location, gradually rebuilt the house and discovered the surrounding woodland was suitable for growing the raw material for walking sticks. In 1982, a small range of sticks was offered to local shopkeepers, who soon demanded a wider selection. The family business grew steadily to include more products, employ more people and serve increasingly far-flung customers. Today, Classic Canes supplies a range of over 600 products to retails in more than 400 countries.

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