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Ayumi España Macaroon Indoor Shoes - HOHOLIFE

Ayumi España Macaroon Indoor Shoes


Ayumi develops comfortable and stylish footwear that caters different health problems.

Being an outstanding leader in the industry in Japan, Ayumi has gained support and trust, due to the three missions Ayumi is persisting; Ayumi footwear aims to be:
1) Shoes that provide you with safety and a sense of security
2) Shoes that you cannot wait to wear
3) Shoes that would bring you freshness with energy

- Lightweight and soft fabrics
- Not easy to fall down design
- Oversized wearing mouth, easy to wear
- Antibacterial, deodorant finishing
- Hand washable

Gentle comfort like wrapping soft fluffy legs. It is soft and comfortable fit. 

Easy to wear, and easy to take off. It is a comfortable type of 3E wide. The inner core cushion is soft and not too hard.


The heel is fitted to the feet with rubber. There is depth and is safe. 

With two non-slip on the bottom, it is easy to put in force when kicking out. The synthetic leather material made it difficult for water to penetrate. 

The color is fashionable macaroon color. 

[One side: L] 50 g Material list Material: Polyester 55% Cotton 45% 
Inside Material: 80% cotton 20% polyester 
Bottom material: Synthetic leather


S: 20.5 ~ 21.5cm

M: 22.0 ~ 23cm

L: 23.5 ~ 24.5cm

LL: 25.0 ~ 26cm

3L: 26.5 ~ 27.5cm

Width: 3E 


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