Electric Bed with Wooden Frame
Electric Bed with Wooden Frame
Electric Bed with Wooden Frame

Electric Bed with Wooden Frame

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Generally, electric beds reminds people of hospitals. This simple home-style electric bed with solid wooden bed frames can be completely integrated into your bedroom setting. The backrest and the feet can be raised to help people who have difficulty getting up, and also reducing the burden of caregivers. The bed frame is specially designed to be equipped with a pull-out bed rail, which is easy and simple. The mattress is double-sided, with different softness on each side.  Specially equipped with high-quality German motor, this product can offer you full support and easy mobility seamlessly without any noise.

Product specifications

  • German motor
  • Double-sided mattress 15cm (6") (two kinds of softness)
  • The head can be raised to 85 degrees, and the feet can be raised to 35 degrees
  • Comes with a pair of pull-out bed rails 
  • Matching mattress size: 90cm × 183cm (36" x 72")
  • Frame size: 103cm×196cm×30cm
  • Height after adding mattress: 50cm
  • Frame material: Solid woodem frame
  • The bed board is made of PE environmental protection material, designed with five pivot points, and anti-pinch protection device
  • When the transformer is overheated, the protection device will be activated to automatically turn off the power supply, and the power supply will be restored after a period of cooling.
  • Bed frame and Motor: Three years of warranty
  • Remote control: One year of warranty
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Due to hygiene issues, this product is not refundable